FSS Emission Products Cummins 2871451 Gasket

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Product Overview

Cummins 2871451 Gasket

FSS Emission Products Cummins 2871451 DPF and DOC gasket is a high-quality, heavy-duty gasket with the same fit and performance as OEM equipment. 

Part Number: G71451

FSS Emission Products Cummins 2871451 gasket is an aftermarket product with the same fit and performance as original equipment without the high price. OEM names or OEM numbers are for identification purposes only.

Gasket is primarily used for engine models Cummins ISB and Paccar PX6 with the following DOC and DPF OEM part numbers:  2871461, 2871461NX, 2871461RX, 2871462, 2871462NX, 2871462RX, 2871467, 2871467NX, 2871467RX, 2871485, 2871485NX, 2871518, 2871518NX, 2871535, 2871535NX, 2871571, 2871571NX, 2871571RX, 2871760, 2871760NX, 2871760RX, 2880499, 2880499NX, 2880499RX, 2880520, 2880520NX, 2880520RX, 2880588, 2880588NX, 4353324, 4353324NX, 4353324RX, 4353326, 4353326NX, 4353326RX, 4353352, 4353352NX, 4353352RX, 4353812, 4353812NX, 4353812RX, 4965222, 4965222NX, 4965227, 4965227NX, 4965227RX, 4965285, 4965285NX, 4965287, 4965287NX, 4965287RX, 4965338, 4965338NX, 4965339, 4965339NX, 4965340, 4965340NX, 5287472, 5287472NX, 5287472RX, 5287473, 5287473NX, 5287474, 5287474NX, 5287475, 5287475NX, 5287476, 5287476NX, 5287477, 5287477NX, 5287478, 5287478NX, 5287478RX, 5287480, 5287480NX, 5287480RX, 5295603, 5295603NX, 5295603RX, 5295607, 5295607NX, 5295607RX, 5302638, 5302638NX, 5308480, 5308480NX, 5579363, 5579363NX, 5579363RX, 5579364, 5579364NX, 5579364RX, 5579365, 5579365NX, 5579365RX, 5579366, 5579366NX, 5579366RX, 5579367, 5579367NX, 5579367RX, 5579368, 5579368NX, 5579368RX, A029U827.

Warranty Information

Filter Service and Supply warrant its FSS Emission Products to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service. Filter Service and Supply will replace, at no charge, any product determined to be defected. Filter Service and Supply will not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages and your exclusive remedy shall be replacement of the product that did not comply with this limited warranty